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Clarke County School District Celebrates Public Education Week


Public schools across the nation are celebrating public districts are celebrating the importance of public education. This week is Public Education Week in Clarke County. Dr. Demond Means is the Clarke County Superintendent.

“If the true American dream is to be realized, it’s going to be realized through public schools,” according to Means. “We’re just asking for citizens to take a moment, pause and say thank you to the institution that we call public education.”

He says we cannot take the public school system for granted.

“Unfortunately in our country, the concept of public education is under attack every day.”

Dr. Means believes opponents of the public school system want to see the institution decline.

“There are forces in this nation, there are lobbyists who are going to state capitols, including our state capitol here in Georgia, every day, to try to weaken the foundation of public education.”

Every has some connection to public schools.

“This is the one institution that touches our entire country.”

Means says he looks at public education from an assets-based mentality, not a deficit-based.

“What an amazing situation we have here in Clarke County; we have beautiful facilities thanks to the citizens here.,” Means said. “We have resources that are really great the department of education continues to provide Title I dollars to our public schools that allow us to hire reading specialists and other specialists to help kids.”

He says educators work with what they have to reach their goals. Clarke County is celebrating Public School Week, April 1-5.

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