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Athens Area Habitat for Humanity Calls on Volunteers for Church Cemetery Cleanup

Athens Area Habitat for Humanity is working with Thrivent Financial and Friends of the St. James Baptist Church Cemetery to clear and clean the cemetery for an upcoming rehabilitation and mapping project.

Rep. Spencer Frye, executive director of Athens Area Habitat for Humanity, says the Saturday date allows more people to take part in the National Day of Service and Remembrance for 9-11.

Although the cleanup will be on a game day, this Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon, Frye says he didn't have the chance to reschedule.

"All we're asking is one hour of your time," Frye says."Come on out and clip some bushes, feed them to the shredder. Bring your kids out for one hour and let's do some community building together."


Historic Athens received grant funding for the cleanup.  Frye says in addition to colorful community names like Rabbit Eye, the area holds a treasure trove of almost forgotten history.

"Some of the graves, one I have a picture of, the lady was 70 years old. She was buried in 1903. That individual was potentially a slave or most certainly the child of slaves," Frye says. "She was a mid-aged adult when the Civil War started. That type of history needs to be presrved in this community." 

The cemetery is located at 125 Roberts Road. Gloves, clippers and other equipment will be provided, as will refreshments.


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