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Piedmont Athens Employees Give Back $200,000 to Patient Services

Piedmont Athens Regional employees are giving back to the facility and the community. Employees recently donated $200,000 in the effort to help others. Tiffany Burrows is the business liaison at the facility. She says the donations are a part of the GIFT program.

“Out of all the Piedmont hospitals, Piedmont Athens is the largest employee contributing hospital,” according to Burrows. “About 52 percent of our employees contribute to this program, the Getting Involved for Tomorrow is what it’s called.”

Two facilities are benefiting from the donations.

“The first one being out Community Care Clinic, it’s huge in our community. It serves patients that are not able to find primary care doctors, they need urgent care, treatment. We wanted to help them with medication assistance.”

The Magill-Miller Advanced Heart Failure Clinic is also receiving funds.

“We’re going to be able to provide digital patient education tools and videos, patient resource bags that give them things like blood pressure cuffs.”

The funds will also allow the clinic to provide assistance in unexpected ways.

“We’re going to help fund a testing kitchen so that patients recently diagnosed with heart failure can learn how to cook meals that are appropriate for them.”

Burrows says funds were also raised to support the employee disaster relief program for employees who suffer catastrophic events.

As a part of the hospital celebrating its 100th anniversary, organizers wanted to give $100,000 to both organizations.

The GIFT program has given nearly $5 million total since it was first started.

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