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Georgia Ranks Among Best States for Working from Home


While Georgia has lifted most COVID-19 restrictions, and much of the nation is slowly opening up, the practice of working from home as a result of the pandemic seems to be here to stay for many. According to the personal finance website WalletHub, Georgia is one of the best states on its list of the best and worst states for working from home. Analyst Jill Gonzalez.

"Over the pandemic, a lot of states ordered non-essential businesses to close their buildings, and prior to that, just 20% of all employed people worked from home. That number has now risen to over 70%. It's easier in some states than others. In Georgia, it is one of the best states for remote work, it has the infrastructure set up for it."

She says some 54% of workers would like to continue remote working or a hybrid model. While there are obvious benefits to the practice, Gonzalez says there are downsides.

"Some benefits from working from home are obviously lower overhead, and of course, if you're an employee and you like working from home, that is a benefit for you. But the cons are now competition becomes worldwide. You're not just competing amongst people who live near you, but you're competing with definitely the rest of the world who might be willing to do your job for less."

Georgia was number three on the list, with Delaware at number one and Alaska coming in at the bottom.

For more information, visit WalletHub.com.

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