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Georgia ranked first in workforce departures last November

In the latest data release from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that looks at the job market in November 2021, Georgia ranked first for the number of total exits and quits.  


According to the nationwide study, 53,000 Georgians quit their jobs last November at a 1.2% quit rate. 20 other states also saw increased quits among their labor force, and nationally, 370,000 people quit their jobs that month.  


Georgia also saw 57,000 additional labor separations. That means that many residents either retired, transferred occupations or the left the workforce for other reasons. 54,000 people were laid off last November as well.  


While the number of jobs statewide haven’t quite recovered since before the pandemic hit hard, they have leveled out at roughly 4.6 million jobs for July through December of last year compared to 4.7 million jobs in February 2020.  


The Georgia Department of Labor recently touted record low unemployment rates, at 2.6% last December.  


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