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Imari Walker-Franklin

Imari Walker-Franklin

Dr. Imari Walker-Franklin is a research scientist at Research Triangle Institute International. In 2021, Imari completed her PhD at Duke University investigating the release, transformation, and effects of polymer-associated chemicals within aquatic environments. In particular, her dissertation work in the Ferguson Lab Group focused on endocrine-disrupting chemicals like Bisphenol A (BPA) that are of concern to human health and the environment.

Before Duke, Imari completed her Bachelor in Marine Science at the University of California, Berkeley. Alongside her work, Dr. Walker-Franklin uses her science communication-based YouTube channel to share information about plastic pollution, microplastics, and chemicals associated with these consumer products.   

Dr. Walker-Franklin is a co-author of Plastics, from the MIT Press essential knowledge book series and serves on the advisory board for Beyond Plastics.

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