Latest COVID-19 Reports in Georgia

Sep 11, 2020

Credit AP

There were 1,863 new cases reported today and 46 deaths in the state of Georgia. The total is now just over 290,000 cases and approximately 6,246 deaths. There were also 101 hospitalizations due to the virus today.

The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency reported on September 11th that a little under half of the state’s total ER beds are now in use. 81.6% of critical care beds are in use, and about 8% of general inpatient beds are also occupied. 33.6% of adult ventilators are in use now, which is a decrease.

According to the state health department, Clarke currently has had 4,314 total cases and 36 total deaths. Barrow County has had 1,959 cases and 43 deaths. Jackson County has had 1,725 cases and 27 deaths. Madison County has had 604 cases with eight deaths. Oconee County is reporting 650 cases and 22 deaths, while Oglethorpe has had 295 cases and 11 deaths.