Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital Places Restrictions on Visitors

Mar 19, 2020

Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital now has a testing site for COVID-19. The facility’s regional drive-through collection site is located on the Oconee health Campus.

That site is for patients who have moderate symptoms that do not require hospitalization and who meet the CDC guidelines. Patients must be prescreened by calling 1-866-460-1119 in order to receive an appointment. Not all callers will be approved.

FILE-Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital.

Last week Governor Brian Kemp said some Georgia hospitals are facing shortages of medical supplies.

“We must start prioritizing COVID-19 tests for our most vulnerable populations as well as the people responsible for their care and safety. This action will conserve precious medical supplies - like masks, shoe covers, and gowns - which are becoming increasingly difficult to find due to overuse, export bans, and hoarding. Health officials on the state and national level urge the public’s immediate cooperation.

He wants coronavirus test kits reserved for those on the front lines and the most vulnerable populations.

"Georgia’s elderly; those with chronic, underlying health conditions; those who live in a long-term care facility like an assisted living facility or nursing home; and those serving on the front lines as a healthcare worker, first responder, long-term care facility staffer, or law enforcement need these tests.

Four drive-through sites are open across the state.