How Does Your Garden Grow?

During Athens News Matters: 4/16/21 - 5/2/21

Spring is underway, and that means brisk days, cool nights, more pollen than anyone wants to deal with… and the sometimes frustrating, sometimes rewarding experience of gardening. Growing the perfect garden isn’t easy, so we asked our listeners for their most pressing garden questions. And for three weeks this spring, we're going to pose some of those questions to Laura Ney from UGA Extension.

This series is produced by Allison Salerno.

UGA Extension Agent Laura Ney says that soil testing is important. Spring is a good time, but any time is the right time for a soil test.

For our third and final episode of How Does Your Garden Grow with Laura Ney, we’re going to talk about dirt. Or as serious gardeners call it - soil.

Leonardo DaVinci said that “we know more about the stars overhead than the soil underfoot." We're not entirely sure how Mr. DaVinci's roses or tomatoes turned out, but we do know that his sentiments are still true, half a millenium later.

A close-up view of Jane's ground cherry plant.
Jane Kobres

Meet Jane Kobres of Athens. Like a lot of us, she’s been gardening more since the Covid 19 pandemic began.

This season, Jane decided to plant something called ground cherry. Ground cherries are an old-timey garden favorite in the nightshade family. While they’re called ground cherries, you might also have heard them called cape gooseberries or sweet tomatillos.

How Does Your Garden Grow? Part 1: A mystery bush

Apr 16, 2021

On Episode 1 of this series, we've got a mystery bush! Marina Doneda and her dad, David Edwards, wrote in to us to ask about a mystery shrub on the family’s 100 acres in Madison County. What exactly is it? (Check out some pictures below!)

Lots of bushes bloom around this time in the spring - including Viburnum, Sweet Shrub, Forsythia and Quince bushes, so we put Laura Ney on the case. She hopped on a zoom call with Marina and David to talk about a bush that’s been blooming since Marina’s great grandfather bought the land.