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African Perspectives for September 18, 2022

This episode, the third in the month of September highlights the need to keep hope alive, notwithstanding all the natural and man-made challenges in the World. This episode, a dedication to September, the best month of the year, is a music special that celebrates the career and music of three African music legends, Nigeria’s Nico Mbarga, DRC’s Kanda Bongo Man, and Mali’s Wassoulou songbird, Oumou Sangare. The episode also features encouraging news updates from Kenya, Africa’s sixth largest economy, where the tenure of the country’s fifth president, President William Ruto was commencing, and Ethiopia, where all the warring parties in the country’s ongoing civil war have agreed to be part of the Africa Union-led peace process that is also supported by the United Nations. As always, the episode featured selected enjoyable music from Africa and/or by Africans including selected music from the three featured African musical legends.

Playlist for September 18

Album: Aki Special (1987)

Artist: Prince Nico Mbarga

Tracks: 1) Aki Special

2) Sweet Mother

Album: Kwasa Kwasa (1989)

Artist: Kanda Bongo Man

Tracks: 1) Sai

2) Ebeneza

3) Lele Lela

Album: Oumou, 2CD Collection (2004)

Artist: Oumou Sangare

Tracks: 1) Djorolen

2) Ah Ndiya

Album: Electro Bamako (2001)

Artist: Mamani Keita and Marc Minelli

Tracks: 1) Mirri Ye (Extra track)

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