To promote the health and safety of the University of Georgia and local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, UGA’s Spring 2021 Academic Calendar has been modified. These modifications have been developed following consultations with the University’s Medical Oversight Taskforce, Educational Affairs Committee, University Curriculum Committee, Academic Advising Coordinating Council, Student Government Association, Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Deans, as well as other faculty and students.

State and Local COVID-19 Report

Oct 26, 2020
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Georgia is currently reporting more than 351-thousand cumulative cases of COVID-19 infections, about 4,000 cases higher than Friday the 23rd, with the death toll at 7,827. Just over 31,000 people have been hospitalized, with ICU admissions over 5,829. 


UGA Continues to See Low Numbers in COVID-19 Cases

Oct 7, 2020
UGA Today

The University of Georgia reported only 66 new cases of Coronavirus from September 28th to October 4th. This is almost identical to the week before, although the positive tests from surveillance testing and the University Health Center are lower this week. 


The state of Georgia topped 7,000 deaths from COVID-19, with 7,021 deaths reported Wednesday according to the Georgia Department of Public Health. The state has more than 318,000 cases, with 28,522 hospitalizations and 5,269 ICU admissions.


Athens-Clarke County is reporting 5,084 cases and 44 deaths. Barrow County is reporting 2,219 cases and 48 deaths, Jackson county 2,024 cases and 33 deaths, Madison County is reporting 704 cases and eight deaths, Oconee has 761 cases and 26 deaths, while Oglethorpe County reports 335 cases and 11 deaths. 

The urgency to create a COVID-19 vaccine is increasing, and scientists are working around the clock to accomplish this daunting task. Dr. Biao He, an infectious disease expert at the University of Georgia, is one of those scientists, and his vaccine is already showing promising results.