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Athens News Matters: James Chafin

Oct 16, 2020

Nonpartisan Candidate for District Attorney, James Chafin sits down with us to answer your listener questions and discuss why he is running, the need to maximize accountability courts, and more.

Athens News Matters: Deborah Gonzalez

Oct 16, 2020

Democratic Candidate for District Attorney Deborah Gonzalez sits down with us to answer your listener questions and discuss her campaign, the need for diversion programs, and the elimination of cash bail for low-level offenders.

Athens News Matters: Brian Patterson

Oct 16, 2020

NOTE: An earlier version of this story online incorrectly identifed Mr. Patterson as a Republican candidate. He is running as a Democrat. We regret the error.

With the resignation of District Attorney Ken Mauldin earlier this year, Brian Patterson became the interim DA. Now running as a Democratic candidate for District Attorney, he sits down with us to talk about progressive criminal justice reform, expanding accountability courts, and more.

This week on Athens News Matters:

In the State House District 117 race, Republican incumbent Representative Houston Gaines sits down with Chris Shupe to answer your listener questions and address issues of COVID-19 and small businesses, third-party redistricting, and climate change.