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Clarke County has reported 1,131 new cases of Covid-19 in the past 2 weeks. This number is the highest in Clarke since Athens hit its peak in early September when 1,174 active cases were reported on Sept 15.

Statewide, cases continue to be high, although that number has fallen somewhat to 82,568 active cases statewide, lower than the more than 93,000 cases reported two weeks ago.

Still, the virus continues to rage across the state, with case numbers at around 160% of the state's caseload during July's second surge of coronavirus cases.

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The Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission voted last Thursday to approve a $250,000 settlement of an excessive-use-of-force lawsuit for the shooting of a man in October of 2019.

The man is Salvador Salazar, 29, of Summerfield, North Carolina, who was shot and critically injured by Officer Roger Williams.

He remains hospitalized and “permanently incapacitated” from his injuries.

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Democrat Charlie Bailey announced Monday that he would run against Republican incumbent Attorney General Chris Carr in the 2022 election.

Bailey had previously run against Carr in 2018, where he lost by less than 3 percentage points.

This time, he’s running on a pledge to create a statewide civil rights division, as well as a unit to combat organized crime.

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