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The Athens Police Department says a shooting Wednesday night is likely in retaliation to two shootings the night before. Police say officers were called to the scene of a drive-by shooting on Linda Drive shortly after 11 pm. When they arrived, they found shell casings and noted the residence had been struck multiple times. The residence was occupied by a 68-year old woman, who was home at the time, but was not injured during the shooting. The victim was not able to give officers a description of the vehicle or suspects.

Georgia Man Pleads Guilty in Cold-Case Racial Slaying

1 hour ago
Spalding County Sheriff's Department via AP

More than three decades after a black man died in a racially motivated killing in Georgia, two white men have been held accountable.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Bill Moore Sr. pleaded guilty to his involvement in the 1983 slaying of 23-year-old Timothy Coggins. Moore received a sentence of 30 years, with 20 to be served in prison.
His brother-in-law, Frank Gebhardt, went to trial in June on charges including murder and was convicted by a jury. He was sentenced to serve life plus 20 years in prison.

Georgia's Kemp Wants Verifiable Voting -- After His Own Race

1 hour ago
AP Photo Mike Stewart

Republican gubernatorial nominee Brian Kemp says Georgia's aging electronic voting machines should be replaced, coming around to a position critics say he's resisted for eight years as the state's top elections official.

There's just one thing — Kemp says it can't be done in time for his own election this November.

The secretary of state is asking companies for proposals to implement new machines that produce verifiable paper records in time for the next presidential election in 2020.


Georgia hosted a record number of film and television projects this past year. Gov. Nathan Deal announced Georgia-lensed feature film and television productions generated a total economic impact of $9.5 billion during FY 2018. The record 455 film and television productions shot in Georgia represent $2.7 billion in direct spending in the state.

jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover Classic will soon be heading to Georgia, placing its first facility in the U.S. in Savannah.

Gov. Nathan Deal announced the move Wednesday, saying the facility will be located in Crossroads Business Park, near a portion of Gulfstream Aerospace.

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When a huge floating gyre of plastic waste was discovered in the Pacific in the late 1980s, people were shocked. When whales died and washed ashore with stomachs full of plastic, people were horrified. When photographs of beaches under knee-deep carpets of plastic trash were published, people were disgusted.

Though some of it came from ships, most, presumably, was from land. But how much was coming from where?


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Even in a strong economy, many Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Forty percent don't have $400 to cover an emergency expense, such as a car repair. And many working class people turn to payday loans or other costly ways to borrow money. But more companies are stepping in to help their workers with a much cheaper way to get some emergency cash.

Startup companies that offer better options for workers are partnering with all kinds of businesses - from giants like Walmart to little fried chicken restaurants.

Dr. Jodi Jackson has worked for years to address infant mortality in Kansas. Often, that means she is treating newborns in a high-tech neonatal intensive care unit with sophisticated equipment whirring and beeping. That is exactly the wrong place for an infant like Lili.

Lili's mother, Victoria, used heroin for the first two-thirds of her pregnancy and hated herself for it. (NPR is using her first name only, because she has used illegal drugs.)

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Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.

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